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A chance to remember and say thank you

Although any death is a sad time, it is also the opportunity to remember and give thanks for the life of someone you love. It is also the chance to unite with others in the solidarity that shared grief can bring. It is a chance to praise God for a life shared with us and to look on in the Christian hope that death is not the end but a new beginning.

It is our aim to offer forms of worship with the dying and after a death that bring a sense of dignity, grace and sensitivity to your unique situation. It is only right that you should want to give honour to the one who has died. The Church seeks to come alongside those who grieve through the support of its ministers and members, to proclaim that God’s presence is with us in every sorrow, and that Christ has been through death itself and beyond.

How do we begin to plan the funeral service?

Sometimes the first thing you might do is to contact your local undertaker, then they or yourselves will need to contact the local church office -  click here. Alternatively you might be in touch with your local church first if there is already an ongoing relationship. You will then be guided through what needs to be planned for this very personal act of worship.

In which order should we do things?

Only you can decide what feels right for you and your loved ones. In recent times there have been significant changes in the ways in which funerals are conducted, giving rise to a wide variety of practice. Whereas a service in church followed by a committal used to be quite normal, now these may take place the other way round. Some mourners want a simple service at the crematorium and a further act of worship as the ashes are scattered or buried. The receiving of the body into church on the night before the funeral, and prayers around the coffin, are other possibilities to consider. We encourage those who grieve to take an active part in planning the worship and to contribute to it where it is appropriate, or where family/friends feel able. Practices and customs vary across different areas. Sometimes innovation is sought, and sometimes simply the comfort of tradition.

There for you...

Whatever path is right for your situation, it is our aim to journey with you every step of the way, as well as to assure you of the comfort and strength God offers to you and those whom you love.

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