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Weddings & Blessings

What is required by law?

There are certain parts of any marriage service that are required by law in officially cementing your relationship. The promises made in a civil ceremony also involve making a serious commitment to each other. This is essentially central to any wedding day, coming above and before all the other trimmings such as the reception, the dress, photographer, etc.

What is different about a church wedding?

By involving the Church in your wedding day, you are committing your marriage to be so much more than just a legal ceremony! This a whole different ball-game, as you involve the spiritual dimension in your commitment to one another. From the very beginning you are publicly stating that your Christian faith is important to both of you and central in your new relationship together. As well as involving the two of you and your guests, you are also welcoming God’s blessing upon your relationship! And so your promises involve God too. You are not only promising to love each other, but also to include God in that commitment from the very beginning.

'God is love, and those who live in love live in union with God and God lives in union with them.' [GNB 1 John 4.16b]

In the act of worship that is the Christian marriage service, you are not only saying ‘I love you’ to each other in front of witnesses, you are also saying ‘We love God’.

'We love because God first loved us.’[GNB 1 John 4.19]

How do we go about planning our wedding?

Speak to one of the Ministers first! Click here to contact the Church Office. The minister will not only help you with what needs to be planned and done, but (most importantly) will help you to explore what marriage in a Christian context means to you both. Together you can plan the act of worship, whilst carefully choosing who and what you want to involve in the service. Book to see the registrar once you have agreed a date with the church. The minister will advise you how to go about this.

What is a marriage blessing?

This is an act of worship that can take place after a civil marriage ceremony. It can be held in a church building or another suitable place, and it may take place on the same day as the civil marriage or a later occasion. This, too, is an act of Christian commitment within a local church fellowship.

How can we thank God for all the years we've been married?

This is an act of worship similar to a marriage blessing, but usually some years later, whether or not there had been a church wedding in the first instance. It could be held at a significant wedding anniversary in the presence of friends and family, or in any way that is meaningful to the married couple.  This, too, is an act of Christian commitment within a local church fellowship.

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