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What is Baptism?

Baptism is a symbol of belonging to the church family.
Many people will think about coming to church when they have had a new baby, for a service that is often referred to as a Christening. In fact the service is called Baptism, and it applies to a person of any age.
Baptism services are usually held as part of our normal Sunday morning worship.
Adults and children are baptised after they (or their parents), have shown that they understand the importance of this ceremony.
By being baptised, a person says that they believe in God and want to live their lives as followers of Jesus Christ. They make promises about this, and the church promises to support the family, and help them to learn more about the Christian faith. When a young child is baptised, the promises are made by the parents and Godparents, on behalf of the child. The parents are expected to keep the promises until the child is old enough to understand what is required, for themselves.
Baptism is a two-way thing. God gives us his blessing, and we commit ourselves to follow Jesus in our lives.

How do I or my child get Baptised?

First of all you should contact one of the Ministers or the Church Office - click here. We will then arrange to meet your family.
Because these are such important promises, we want to make sure that people have time to understand what they are doing, and to ask questions. You may be invited to attend one or more preparation session, possibly with other parents. It is more important to make sure you are well informed and ready to undertake the responsibilities, than to rush into booking a date for a Baptism.

What age should my child be?

There is no set age requirement - or age limit - for baptism.
An alternative to baptism is the Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving. This service contains similar promises to baptism, but leaves the final decision and act of baptism until later in the child's life. The child can have Godparents, be welcomed by the church congregation, and be assured of the love and care of their parents. This leaves them the option of making their own personal commitment about their faith when they are old enough to do so.

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